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Alex Pritchard

pritchard alex 72ppiAdvisor: Dr. Ryne Palombit

I am interested primarily in the social systems of primates, although I am most familiar with cercopithecines. My MSc focused on measuring personality in a group of free-ranging, provisioned, Tibetan macaques (Macaca thibetana). I hope to incorporate some measures of personality into my future research while exploring how individuals 'choose' who to affiliate with. I am interested, more broadly, in measuring non-human primates' cognitive understandings of group dynamics and tolerance levels between individuals using social analyses. Finally, I am interested in examining the anthropogenic effects of urban environments on primates and how peoples' perceptions and behaviors impact nonhuman primate behaviors and interactions.

I am planning on visiting my advisor's field site at Laikipia, Kenya, to familiarize myself with olive baboon troops there (Papio hamadryas anubis). I wish to work towards developing a cohesive methodology for examining the impact of individual dispositions on group dynamics and social structures.

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