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Tom Conte

conte chesAdvisor: Dr. Lee Cronk

My research interests are centered on the evolution of human behavior and social organization, primarily prosocial behaviors (i.e. generosity, cooperation, risk-pooling). I combine traditional qualitative ethnography with quantitative human behavioral ecology methods to understand the dynamics of human-environment interactions.

My current research centers on the evolution of cooperation and the effects of climatic variability on labor sharing among nomadic pastoralists in the Darhad Depression, Mongolia. Namely, I am utilizing social network analysis and economic games to investigate how climatic variability (notably, severe winter storms) may affect pastoralists' ability and willingness to engage in labor sharing.


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Conte, T.J., Tilt, B. (2014). "The Effects of China's Grassland Contract Policy on Pastoralists' Attitudes towards cooperation in an Inner Mongolian Banner" Human Ecology.


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