Archaeology in Gansu Province, China

CHES graduate affiliate Zhan Xiaoya is hard at work with colleagues at Mogou, Gansu Province China.... 


"Lots of interesting material here. For instance, this male’s first rib is the largest I’ve seen. His humeral head is even bigger than others’ femoral head."


"This is our lab work space in the Archaeology Institution of Gansu Province. It isn’t that ideal….Since we are really close to the restroom and it’s really hot there. No air conditioner.  The blue boxes are where the skeletons have been stored. There are more boxes and the total number of skeletons is over 5,000. What a huge task for my colleagues and I!"


"We took a day off and went to Zhangye National Geology Park. It’s so good to get some fresh air after working all the time in the hot lab."