Congratulations Dr. Shapiro!

CHES graduate affiliate Darcy Shapiro has defended her dissertation! Go ahead and call her Dr. Shapiro.

Dissertations are big deals. And dissertation defenses mark the emergence of new scholars. They are so worth celebrating. They are momentous occasions for the new PhD, the supervisng faculty member, and for the whole dissertation committee.

Beginning at 11:00 am this morning, my student and CHES graduate affiliate Darcy Shapiro defended her dissertation - "Characterizing Density and Anisotropy in the Trabecular Architecture of the Primate Ilium and Ischium." She gave an excellent presentation, handled all questions and has passed! We learned (among other things) that in the primate ilium and ischium trabecular bone anisotropy is likely more useful for reconstruction of locomotion in fossil species than density. Congratulations Dr. Shapiro!

 ---Rob Scott, September 16, 2016


 Dr. Shapiro with her internal committee members. Erin Vogel, Rob Scott, and Susan Cachel.