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“From the Genome to the General Assembly: Cooperation and Conflict Across Domains”

Program for the 4th Lembersky Conference in Human Evolutionary Studies

November 2-4, 2022.


Day 1: November 2

Location: Teleconference Room, Alexander Library, 4th floor, 169 College Avenue

9am: Breakfast and registration

10am: Welcome from Erin Vogel, Director of the Center for Human Evolutionary Studies

10:10am: Welcome from conference organizer Lee Cronk

10:15am: Keynote speaker, Gerald Wilkinson (Maryland): Insights from studies of cooperation and conflict at multiple levels

11am: Coffee break

11:30am: Christopher Ellison (Rutgers): Cooperation and conflict within the genome

12noon: Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello (Rutgers): The human microbiome in the anthropocene

12:30pm: lunch

1:30pm: Rebecca Brittain (Rutgers): Microbiota-host cooperation across a shifting nutritional landscape

2pm: Athena Aktipis (Arizona State): Multicellularity, cancer, and cooperation across domains

2:30pm: Alex Pritchard (UC Davis): Personality of stress-coping and social network position in a primate that forms temporary coalitions

3pm: Caitlin O’Connell (Rutgers): Social support in a semi-solitary species? The costs and benefits of sociality in wild orangutans

3:30pm – 4:30pm: Discussion

6pm: Reception in the Ruth Adams Building's third floor atrium on Rutgers' Douglass Campus



Day 2: November 3

Location: Teleconference Room, Alexander Library, 4th floor, 169 College Avenue

9am: Breakfast

10am: Livestream event with Athena Aktipis (Arizona State) and Gerald Wilkinson (Maryland)

11am: Coffee break

11:30am: Kristen Syme (VU Amsterdam): Interdependence and human cooperation

12 noon: Cathryn Townsend (Baylor): Cooperation without authority: insights from three societies

12:30pm: lunch

1:30pm: Drew Gerkey (Oregon State): What is a group?: social networks and the evolution of cooperation

2pm: Jessica Ayers (Boise State): How do we pick our friends?

2:30pm: Michelle Night Pipe (Rutgers): Reducing anti-Native bias in South Dakota: indigenous acts of remembrance and flexible coalitional psychology

3pm: Mark Aakhus (Rutgers): Argument, arguing, and argumentation as cooperation?

3:30pm – 4:30pm: Discussion


Day 3: November 4

Location: Teleconference Room, Alexander Library, 4th floor, 169 College Avenue

9am: Breakfast

10am: Elizabeth Matto (Rutgers): A shared responsibility: the theory and practice of teaching civic engagement

10:30am: Diego Guevara Beltran (Arizona State): The perceived (un)predictability of needs determines expectations of repayment

11am: Coffee break

11:30am: Barry Sopher (Rutgers): Opportunities for gains from cooperation in non-ergodic stochastic environments

12noon: Richard Sosis (Connecticut): Religion and cooperation: a systematic approach

12:30pm: lunch

1:30pm: Victoria Ramenzoni (Rutgers): Commons and the supernatural: navigating multidimensional maritime spaces and property rights

2pm – 3pm: Discussion