VogelRothmanRaubThe Third Lembersky Conference in Evolutionary Studies this coming October will focus on "Advances in Primate Nutritional Ecology, Health, and Energetics".  CHES member Erin Vogel (far left in photo) has begun work with collaborators and co-organizers Jessica Rothman (Hunter College, middle in photo) and David Raubenheimer (University of Sydney, far right in photo) on the scientific program, which will examine how nutrient availability varies in ecologically challenging habitats, how primates respond flexibly to this variation by modifying their nutritional strategies, and ultimately how the health of individuals is understandable in light of these processes. The conference will bring together a large group of international scholars and researchers who study both human and nonhuman primates The goal of the conference is not only to enhance significantly our understanding of extant human and nonhuman primate biology, but also to shed light on evolutionary models of hominin energetic responses to the environmental fluctuations that shaped our evolution.