Magee PosterTwo CHES Undergraduate Affiliates recently won awards for their Senior Honors Thesis research. The Department of Anthropology held its annual symposium showcasing undergraduate research for Senior Honors Theses today. Several of the students were CHES Undergraduate Affiliates. One of them, Sara Magee was IMG 7352awarded first prize for the poster presentation of her Honors Thesis research, “The Effects of Chewing Time on Gonial Morphology in the Mammalian Mandible.” The research was supervised by CHES faculty Dr. Susan Cachel, with CHES Associate Member Dr. Hylke de Jong as second committee reader (CHES Graduate Affiliate Fred Foster and CHES Alumnus Shauhin Alavi were also co-authors on Sara’s poster). Tanner Yuhas won the 2019 Robert Locandro Award for the Outstanding Student in Natural Resources, in part for his research, "Understanding Dietary Divergence in Wild Bornean Orangutans: The Role of Kinship," which was supervised by CHES faculty Dr. Erin Vogel, with CHES Faculty Ryne Palombit as second reader.

Congratulations Sara and Tanner!