BransfordTim Bransford successfully defended his dissertation less than two months ago, and has now begun working with Dr. Mitch Irwin as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Anthropology at Northern Illinois University. For his dissertation, Tim investigated the energetics and nutrition of wild mother orangutans during lactation. For this postdoc, Tim will be continuing work on primate nutrition, but this time with various species of lemurs found at Tsinjoarivo, Madagascar. One of his early projects will be studying the diet of the bamboo lemur, which includes foods very high in the deadly chemical cyanide. This primate’s daily intake of cyanide is four times greater than the amount that would kill a human and twelve times higher than the dose that would kill a similarly sized primate. How do these lemurs manage to handle such high levels of this toxin? Tim’s research will provide some answers. We wish Tim the best of luck!