Photo of Lee CronkThe Lembersky Conferences in Human Evolutionary Studies have been an extremely productive and enlightening series of meetings address some particular aspect of evolution. The CHES faculty has now chosen the topic for the next Lembersky Conference to be held in 2021: "From the Genome to the General Assembly: Cooperation and Conflict across Domains." The conference is being organized by CHES Faculty Members Dr. Lee Cronk. As Dr. Cronk puts, it: "Whenever individuals work together toward shared goals, cooperation is the result. This is true whether those individuals are genes, cells, microbes, people, corporations, or nations. Among humans, cooperation occurs at levels ranging from families and friends to communities, markets, corporations, states, and, via both trade and international organizations, the entire world. Although we are most familiar with cooperation among people, it is also essential to life itself. Indeed, all of the major transitions in evolution – the emergence of the genome, the eukaryotic cell, multicellular organisms, animal societies, and human civilization – have involved quantum leaps in cooperation." The conference will bring together scholars, researchers, postdocs and graduate students from across the country and globe to share data, ideas, and plans for future studies.