Three CHES Graduate Affiliates in the Anthropology Department did their "Second Year Colloquium" presentations today. This Colloquium allows graduate students in their second year in the PhD program an opportunity to present and discuss with faculty and other students their developing ideas for the doctoral dissertation research focused on some aspect of evolution. This year, three students described their plans in the Zoom meeting, moving from left to right in the photo:

Kyra Johnson: "A Multilvel Approach to the Identification of Burnt Bones in the Archaeological Record"

Andrew Schwartz: "Mammal Dietary Change During the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM)"

Anissa Speakman: "Cryptic Choice: Female Copulation Calls and Male Ejaculation in Primates"

Congratulations Kyra, Andrew, and Anissa!

Kyra Johnson, Andrew Schwartz, and Anissa Speakman