• Hylke de Jong
  • Hylke de Jong
  • Teaching Instructor, Anthropology

    University of Bristol, UK: PhD Archaeology and Anthropology, 2013
    Dissertation title: Subsistence plasticity: A strontium isotope perspective on subsistence through intra-tooth enamel and inter-site variation by LA-MC-ICPMS and TIMS
    Supervisors: Dr. Alistair Pike, Prof. Dr. Chris Hawkesworth, FRS

    Leiden University, the Netherlands: Doctoraal (MA equivalent) Archaeology Indian America; Pre-Columbian Caribbean, 2003.
    Thesis title: Strontium isotope analysis (87Sr/86Sr) on enamel and bone from a sample (n=14) of the Pre-Columbian population of Anse à la Gourde, Guadeloupe: a test for matrilocality and a pilot study in provenancing individuals in the Caribbean.
    Supervisors: Dr. Menno Hoogland, Prof. Dr. Corinne Hofman, Prof. Dr. Gareth Davies


    My studies both at the MA level and at the PhD focused on 87Sr/86Sr analysis on human tissue, though I have looked at other isotopic systems (i.e. δ56Fe for perspectives on metabolism and hence behaviour), and other analytical substrates (e.g. laser ablation strontium in charred seeds, on 87Sr/86Sr variation in Pleistocene orangutan teeth scavenged by Sumatran porcupines, crocodilians). What sustains my curiosity in the application of isotopes to archaeology is how this form of analysis may uncover up to now uncharted aspects of human behaviour, opening new horizons to solve a variety of pertinent questions. Among these I am particularly interested in those concerning subsistence, metabolism and man’s adaptability to the demands of the environment.