• Jincheng Wang
  • Jincheng Wang
  • Postdoctoral Associate, Dept. Biochemistry

    University of Georgia, PhD in Toxicology 2017, Dissertation title: Toxic and health impacts of aflatoxin B1 and green tea polyphenol on the gut microbiome in rats.

    Virginia Institute of Marine Science, MS in Biological Oceanography 2012, Thesis title: Mercury exposure assessment of South River floodplain birds.

    Tongji University, China, BS in Environmental Science 2009, Thesis title: Toxicity interaction between selected ionic liquids and organophosphate pesticides.


    Under the One-Health concept/paradigm, Dr. Wang is interested in the environmental impacts of human activity, particularly its effects on the animal health and welfare, how environmental stressors impact human health, and long-term health/chronic disease.