• Cory Henderson
  • Cory Henderson
  • Advisor: Christina Bergey
  • Postdoctoral associate, Department of Genetics

    Dr. Cory Henderson focuses on applying bioinformatic and molecular approaches to understand pathogen transmission on a deeper level and aid in the development of technology to prevent the spread of diseases. His current research aims to understand evolutionary genetics and immunity in human disease vectors, primarily in African Anopheles mosquitos.


    For his graduate work, Dr. Henderson studied evolutionary genetics of North American Anopheles, the molecular interactions between Mayaro virus with its aedine and anopheline vectors, as well as the interactions Mayaro virus might have with other co-circulating arboviruses within shared vector species. Currently, Dr. Henderson a postdoctoral researcher with Dr. Christina Bergey and is now investigating genomic integrations in natural and controlled contexts to determine how these integrations initiate piRNA biogenesis and the silencing potential of piRNA expression. He is also working on projects that aim to dissect the evolutionary dynamics of African Anopheles mosquitos in regions where vector borne diseases are endemic, and how these dynamics are influenced by human populations. This work aims to understand vector borne diseases impacting human populations and to aid in the development of methods to limit the spread of such diseases.