Advisor: Dr. Lee Cronk


Human cooperation and exchange, particularly in volatile environments; signals of commitment, especially religion


Agent-based modeling; game theory; genetic algorithms; data visualization


My dissertation consists of several agent-based models (i.e. computer simulations) of human cooperation, including the east African system of osotua, as well as one that attempts to model religious signaling and commitment.


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C. A. Aktipis, L. Cronk, and R. de Aguiar. Risk-pooling and herd survival: An agent-based model of a Maasai gift-giving System. Human Ecology, 39(2):131–140, 2011.

C. A. Aktipis, L. Cronk, and R. de Aguiar. Generosity without reciprocity: Need-based transfers, risk- pooling, and the puzzle of human cooperation, manuscript submitted, 2013.

R. de Aguiar and L. Cronk. Stratification and supernatural punishment: cooperation or obedience? Journal of Religion, Brain and Behavior, 2011.