• Craig Feibel
  • Craig Feibel
  • Professor, Earth & Planetary Sciences and Anthropology
  • Focus Area: Archaeology, Paleoanthropology
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    Beginning in 2013 I will be leading a coring effort in West Turkana as part of the Hominin Sites and Paleolakes Drilling Project (HSPDP). This endeavor will recover some 350 meters of lacustrine sediments spanning the interval 2.3 - 1.4 Ma, and is intended to provide a high-resolution multi-proxy environmental dataset that can be directly linked to contiguous outcrops which have yielded important evidence for early human evolution and cultural development. My other active projects at the moment include studies of Pleistocene paleoenvironments along the Levantine Corridor in Israel, stratigraphy of Miocene lake deposits in Hungary and Croatia, and geology at the Hadar hominid site in Ethiopia.

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    My research focuses on the investigation of the geological context for evolution in terrestrial ecosystems, particularly those related to hominin evolution and the later Cenozoic. My primary research area is the Turkana Basin of Kenya, where I've worked for over thirty years in association with the National Museums of Kenya and the Turkana Basin Institute. My work there involves stratigraphy, sedimentology and paleontology, to establish a geologic framework and an environmental backdrop to the evolutionary and archaeological record for which that region is so famous.