• Carmel Schrire
  • Carmel Schrire
  • Distinguished Professor, Anthropology
  • Focus Area: Archaeology

    Carmel Schrire was educated at the University of Cape Town, Cambridge and the Australian National University. She has taught in South Africa, Australia and the US and is currently a Professor II in the Department of Anthropology at Rutgers. She has worked and published on the archaeology of Australia, Mauritius and South Africa, and on fields that include archaeological sequences, hunter-gatherer behaviour, history, ethnography, fiction and poetry.


    Schrire in currently engaged in a major project on the impact of European colonization at the Cape of Good Hope. Her position on the Advisory Board of the APVA at Jamestown, Virginia, has led to comparative analyses of the impact world-wide. She is now completing a book on the material culture of the Dutch East India Company at the Cape, 1650-1800.

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