Jinchuan Xing

xing jin vert 500wAssistant Professor, Genetics

Jinchuan Xing joined Department of Genetics as an Assistant Professor at Rutgers in 2012. Dr. Xing is a human/primate geneticist and received his Ph.D. from Louisiana State University in 2005. After spending an additional year at LSU as a postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Xing moved to University of Utah as a postdoctoral fellow and studied human population genetics and natural selection until 2011.

The long-term research interest of his laboratory is to understand the mechanisms and consequences of human genomic variation, with focuses on mobile DNA elements, evolutionary genetics, and human disease. They will combine computational and experimental tools to perform genome-wide analyses. His previous projects involve elucidating human population history and genetic adaptation at both global and regional scale, with or without disease implication.

Dr. Xing's current projects include studying genetic/phenotypic adaptation in a Mongolian population living on the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau, and investigating the human evolutionary history in South Asia.

Mobile element biology

Human demographic history and population diversity

Disease-causing genes identification using genome-wide data

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