CHES Graduate Affiliates

Didik Prasetyo

prasetyo didik 72ppiAdvisor: Dr. Erin Vogel

I received my Master's Degree from University of Indonesia in 2007, with the USAID project "Supporting Universities to Partner Across the Pacific." I began my studies in the Ph.D. program in the Ecology and Evolution department at Rutgers University in 2013 under the supervision of Dr. Erin Vogel. My previous project was mitochondrial DNA mapping of orangutans from East Kalimantan and the nesting behavior of wild orangutans. I will continue to pursue nesting behavior as the major topic for my doctoral dissertation, comparing behaviors of wild and released orangutans in Borneo, Indonesia.

Animal behavior, Ecology, Evolution, Wildlife Conservation and Management

I am working on a project related to the behavior of orangutan nest building in Borneo, Indonesia. The project explores two main factors - the ergonomics of orangutan nests based on nest construction and orangutan sleeping position, and the chemical characteristic of orangutan nest trees in relation with orangutan health and adaptation. In addition, the project will compare wild populations and released orangutans, with the goal of understanding the adaptation process.

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