• Chris Rowan
  • Chris Rowan
  • Advisor: Dr. Craig Feibel
  • Focus Area: Geology

    B.S., Geological Sciences (with Honors), 2019, Rutgers University. 
    I joined the Masters Program in Geological Sciences in the Fall of 2019.


    I am a broadly trained geoscientist interested in the interactions between climate, tectonics, and, erosional processes in the formation of Earth’s landforms. I have related interests in the interaction between Earth systems and terrestrial ecosystem evolution. As such, my research draws upon a wide analytical and theoretical toolkit, ranging from geomorphology and sedimentology, to field mapping and seismology. Specifically, I combine high resolution topography, seismic, and sedimentological data to understand the structural and kinematic history of rift basins. Currently, my research focuses on the structural evolution of the Turkana Basin, Kenya. Notably, how pre-existing structures and basin inversion shape the landscape we see today; as this plays a crucial role in the distribution and recovery of hominin and other vertebrate fossils recovered in the basin.


    Geomorphology; structural geology; tectonics; sedimentology; remote sensing; landscape evolution; paleontology