• Andrew Schwartz
  • Advisor: Dr. Rob Scott
  • Focus Area: Paleoanthropology

    I received my B.A. in Anthropology from Vanderbilt University in 2018. Much of my undergraduate research involved the dental microwear texture analysis of archaeological remains from the Wari Empire as well as modern capuchin monkeys from Costa Rica. I joined the Rutgers Anthropology department as a Ph.D. student in 2019.


    I intend to focus my graduate research on mammalian responses to rapid onset warming during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM). My future dissertation work will relate to changes in diet through adaptation and dental microwear by early primates and other mammals of western North America during the PETM.


    Paleontology, paleobiology and diet, dental microwear, early primate evolution