• Lindsey Hauff
  • Lindsey Hauff
  • Advisor: Dr. Christina Bergey
  • Focus Area: Non-Human Primates

    I received a B.Sc. in Biology from University of Redlands in 2015 and a M.Sc. in Animal Behaviour from University of Exeter in 2016. I was awarded distinction for my master’s thesis concerning behavioral markers of stress and anxiety in captive elephants. I joined Rutgers Ecology and Evolution Ph.D. program in 2021.


    I am currently involved in a project studying the mechanisms of primate introgressive hybridization within the tribe Cercopithecini.

    Additionally, my doctoral research will investigate patterns of positive selection within strepsirrhine primates with the goal of identifying adaptive genes and comparing their selection pressures across evolution. Using these results, I plan on performing comparative genomic analyses on functional classes of interest to identify species and/or populations of conservation concern.