• Marc Ramrekha
  • Marc Ramrekha
  • Focus Area: Paleoanthropology

    I received my BA in Anthropology from Rutgers University in May 2022. As an undergraduate, I conducted research in the Laboratory for Microarchaeology (ALMA) under the supervision of Professor Dan Cabanes. In my senior year, I wrote an honors thesis titled Where's the Fire? Using FTIR to define occupation at Abrigo de la Boja, which sought to investigate the differences between Neanderthal and human occupation habits from a Middle/Upper Paleolithic rockshelter site. In the Fall of 2022, I began my PhD here at Rutgers, continuing with my research with Professor Cabanes.


    My current research focuses on human adaptation to environmental variability in Levantine urban centers during the Bronze and Iron Age. To this end, we will use phytoliths from the Israeli site, Tell es Safi, to study human adaptations to the changing ecological conditions of the late Bronze Age to Iron Age. We hope to examine what role social inequalities may have played in adaptation strategies.


    Microarchaeology, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Phytoliths, FTIR, the Levant, climate adaptation, site formation