• Miarisoa Ramilison
  • Miarisoa Ramilison
  • Advisor: Dr. Christina Bergey
  • Focus Area: Non-Human Primates

    I graduated from Central Washington University in 2023 with my second master’s degree in Primate Behavior. My research focused on the relationship between the intestinal parasite burden and social contact behavior in Tibetan macaques. I also held a master’s in Zoology at the University of Mahajanga in Madagascar. I studied the morphology, ecology, and ectoparasites in mouse lemurs. I joined the Rutgers Department of Anthropology in Fall 2023.


    I currently focus my study on the prevalence and transmission of zoonotic pathogens in mouse lemur species across both dry and humid forest habitats in Madagascar.


    Primate Behavior, Ecology and Evolution, Parasites, Infectious Disease, and Conservation.