Lindsey Hauff

Detecting rapid evolutionary change in Malagasy primates

The ultimate goal of this project is to understand the evolutionary impacts of anthropogenic disturbance on sympatric brown lemur species (Eulemur spp.) throughout southern Madagascar. To achieve this, we will conduct historical and contemporary genomic sampling.

Stephen Meriki

The impacts of changing patterns of land tenure on fitness interdependence among the Maasai of Kenya

This study will address the hypothesis that the changing patterns of land tenure have altered patterns of social relations that facilitate fitness interdependence within and between the Maasai community in the study area. My field sites are located partly in the Loita plains, and partly in the Loita hills, Southwest of Nairobi.

Luna Wang

Microbial modulation of early neurodevelopment

This research aims to establish the link between gut microbial perturbations caused by different birth modes and early neurodevelopment. By doing so, we hope to contribute to a better understanding of the gut-brain axis and its role in human health and disease.